Island Roads launches 2021 customer survey

Posted on: January 26, 2021 at 1:49 pm photo showing newly resurfaced road at Fishbourne Lane on the Isle of Wight

Island Roads is once again seeking public feedback on the highway services it delivers.

Each year in February Island Roads undertakes its annual customer survey encouraging residents to feedback on the range of services provided including road and footway resurfacing, winter maintenance, street cleansing, verge and grass cutting and customer services.

The survey, which launches on Monday and comprises 12 questions to cover the main service areas, is part of a range of measures used to review performance and help determine how year-on-year improvements can be made.

Steve Ambrose, Island Roads business manager said: “As an organisation we are committed to delivering our work to the highest standards not just in terms of our contractual requirements but also to the satisfaction of the local community.

“We do get a lot of feedback including plenty of compliments which are always very welcome, but the survey allows us to formally gauge people’s views across wider aspects of our service which then allows us to identify any improvements we may need to make.

“It has been a particularly challenging year, because of the Covid pandemic, but as key workers we have continued to provide the services necessary to maintain a safe network. We will therefore be particularly keen to hear how the community feels we have performed over the last 12 months.”

Given the current lockdown residents are encouraged to respond to the survey online, however paper copies will be available on request for anyone who does not have access to the online version and would like to take part.

Residents have until 28th February 2021 to complete the survey which can be completed online via our website  from Monday. Paper copies can be requested by email to

The Island’s Highways PFI is financed in the main through a grant of £477 million awarded by the Department for Transport and delivered in partnership with the Isle of Wight Council.